Sunday, September 24, 2017

Mookie Betts Does It All As Sox Win 5-4

Mookie Betts: Throws out two runners at 3rd base. Hits the game-tying, bases-loaded double; scores the winning run from second base on an infield single. Most important .263 hitter in the majors.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

NFL Week #2 Picks

Houston vs. Cin.: Houston
Buffalo vs. Carolina: Buffalo
Cleveland vs. Baltimore: Ravens
Arizona vs. Indy: Arizona
Tenn. vs. Jax: Jaguars
Philly vs. KC: Chiefs
NE vs. NO: Patriots
Minn. vs. Pitt.: Steelers
Chi vs. TB: Bucs
Miami vs. LAC: Dolphins
NY Jets vs. Oakland: OAK
Dallas vs. Denver: Denver by a nose
Wash. vs. LA: LA
SF vs. Seattle: Seahawks
GB vs. Atlanta: Packers
Detroit vs. NYG: Lions

Thoughts? Opinions?

Those Aren't Beers Next to Him

Typical Pomeranz expression, this time after he left the game, pitching 6 innings of 1-run ball. He looks like that after a win or a loss, and possibly while at home in the winter. This is such a constant expression for him that The Eck said so on the air about a month ago. Anyway, Sox win 6-2 and lower their magic number to 14.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

My Football Picks So Far

Photo: Russell Wilson throwing against the Packers, from

6-3 so far with my football picks, including the Patriots loss that I felt was coming, but refused to admit to myself. Today, the surprise of the day for me was the Jaguars, who beat the Texans by 22. (I should've considered the Harvey factor there; dumb on my part.) But I still wouldn't have picked them by 22. The last one I swung and missed on was Cardinals/Lions, which I thought would be a toss-up, but that Detroit won by 12. And though I was right about the Browns losing, Cleveland actually super-impressed, losing just by 3.
And the best tackle of the weekend still is the Friday night play by the security guard at Fenway who obliterated a drunken fan before both his feet touched the outfield grass. I'm watching the players jog into the dugout when suddenly I see a guard running full-tilt into a fan just barely touching the right field dirt with one of his toes. The guard was a blur and the fan didn't know what hit him.
UPDATE: Finished 10-5 for the week. I'll do better.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Week 1 NFL Picks

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This week's NFL picks:

KC vs NE: Patriots, by 7, max. Close game for them, by comparison. This one could go bad. Go Pats!

Bills vs. Jets. Bills, by at least 5. If I could get 10 other guys together, we might be able to beat the Jets, who may go 1-15 this year. I'd pick most teams by more vs. Jets, but the Bills offense isn't great, either.

Falcons vs. Bears. Falcons by 4, max. Bears may surprise.

Ravens vs. Bengals. Ravens by 3; could go either way.

Steelers vs. Browns. Steelers by 7, maybe more.

Cardinals vs. Lions. This one's a toss-up. Cardinals finished 50 points more vs. their opponents last year, despite losing record (7-8-1). Stafford never impressed me, and he's not totally healthy. And the Lions find ways to lose. So...Cardinals by 3, but this could go either way.

Texans vs. Jaguars. Texans by at least 10, because the Jags are unbelievably terrible and J.J. Watts raised millions of dollars (expecting to raise just $200,000) for Houston, which has nothing to do with anything related to this post.

Raiders vs. Texans. Carr is impressive, but Mariota is almost as good, and underappreciated. Raiders by 3 in a close one.

Redskins vs. Eagles. Eagles by 3 in another close one. Lots of those this week. Redskins could pull this one out. Both teams may be borderline postseason contenders, up until Week 16.

Rams vs. Colts. Go to the front of the class if you're very familiar with the Colts' QB, career back-up Scott Tolzien, who has started 3 NFL games. Rams by 6, maybe more.

Green Bay vs. Seattle. Probably the best game of the week, and maybe the closest, probably by 4 max, and maybe less. Green Bay wins because I'd pick Rodgers over almost anyone not named Brady. But this could come down to the final play.

Panthers vs. 49ers. Low-scoring game, won by Panthers by 5, max. Neither team excites, but it'll be interesting to see how SF begins its new era.

Cowboys vs. Giants. Prescott betters Eli Manning, but not by much. Cowboys by 4.

Saints vs. Vikings. Saints win, but it won't be a Brees. (sorry) NO by 4.

Chargers vs. Broncos. Denver's QB could impress, but I'm picking the Chargers by 5. But Rivers could find a way to lose, because he does that like it's actually his #1 priority.

[My apologies to those who may have wondered why a non-sports novel review was on my sports blog. Posted to the wrong blog, so my bad.] 

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Sox 9 Yanks 6 August 18, 2017

Great game last night at Fenway with Chris Dusel. Besides Sox win, most surprising things are the rain, thunder and lightning soak New England but somehow don't hit Boston; the game starts on time and never gets delayed by rain; and Hanley Ramirez is much better defensively at 1st then he is at the plate right now. Sox pitcher leaves early with back spasms. Bullpen walks and hits everyone. Judge leaves the bases loaded twice. Yankees score 4. Yanks bullpen walks and hits everyone. Sox score 4. Addison Reed, of all people, calms things down. Entire 7th inning takes just over an hour. Chapman has Derek Lowe body language and doesn't consider backing up home plate (which you learn to do in Little League). Girardi comes out and yells at Chapman. Sox win!