Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Background Info.

Photo: Me, in the stands at Fenway on July 5, 2009 during Picnic in the Park

I chose this background, by the way, as my way of saying that sports fans can be literate, intelligent people, too.  This is not always the consensus opinion, and I have to admit that your average male sports fan at a bar acts less mature and intelligent than, say, a can of Coors Lite, but it can happen.  When I used to (badly) play and pitch, I was one of the few Shakespeare-quoting ballplayers out there.  Being a sports fan does not make you dumb, and being dumb does not make you a sports fan, despite the behavior of the drunk, shouting, stomach-hanging-to-his-knees immature blowhard next to you at the sports bar or in the ballpark.  Give us some credit.

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