Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tom Terrific

Okay, been away for awhile.  Holidays, writing, life gettin' in the way, ya know?  Well, let's talk a little bit about Tom Brady.  I won't bother with the stats.  You can go to and tons of other places if you want that.  What I want to mention is how impressed I am about the fact that he can win in tons of ways.  He can simply throw for over 350 yards and just outmuscle the other team.  Or, like last week, he can throw for about 230 yards, maybe less, and connect on only about half his passes, but still throw 3 touchdowns with no picks and beat you handily.  He connected on a low number of passes, but three of them were TDs--which means, he's on the money when it really matters.  And he can pick apart your defense, too.  There were more dropped passes than there were off-target passes, last week, I assure you (and some lucky passes that weren't picked off, sure).

I mention all this because he just wins.  He wins sparingly; he wins by outslinging the other QB; he wins because of his accuracy; he wins because he was lucky not to be picked off; he wins because his line protects him well and gives him a lot of time to throw; he wins because he's got a great coach.  He wins.  He just wins.  And, I don't know if anyone's been noticing this, but he also wins without taking any days off.  He's not in Favre's league yet, but he takes some hits and gets back in there.  He does all this without being a prettyboy, a primadonna, a jerk, or a mistake in front of the mike.  He could so easily be any of these things, and not just because of his talent, his wins, his Super Bowls, or his wife--plenty of players have been more of a jerk and not done quite as much.

He's a role model in a time when no one is anymore.  What else can you ask for?

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