Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 5th, 2011

--Lucky to win today, as your closer normally won't give up 4 hits in an inning, including a 2-run homer that still hasn't landed yet, and still get the save.  Something needs to be done about Papelbon.  Why not make him a starter and Bard the closer--though I have some serious misgivings about Bard as well.

--Great block by Varitek, but he was probably safe.  Nice to see a catcher block the plate like that with possession of the ball for once.  That's a rule that needs looking into.  If you're not going to call it, take it off the books.  If it's in the book, call it.  Mike Scioscia, current manager of the Angels, used to block the plate without the ball all the time.

--Good luck to Mike Cameron, who was traded to the Marlins today, with cash, for either a player to be named later, and/or cash.  Sounds like a dump-off to the Marlins to me, and you can bet the cash sent to them will be thank-you money.  The cash to be named later will be salary money.  Bless the Marlins for having room on their roster for what the GM said would be a player "to mentor our younger guys."  That's Bull Durham for the major leagues.  Cameron probably deserved better, but don't we all.

--I don't remember the All-Star break happening this late.  It'll be after game 90 or so this year.  That's later, isn't it?

--Jeter making the All-Star team is a joke, but it shows you MLB has the eye on the cash register.  Despite one of the worst years of his career last year, Jeter's jersey was the top seller in all of MLB--more than Pujols, A-Rod, and many other much better players.  Sure, the fans voted him in, but see what I'm saying?  If they hadn't, you can bet he'd be put on by somebody.  He makes money for lots of other people, and it really is as simple as that.

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