Saturday, July 2, 2011

My All-Star Picks

My All-Star Picks

(Very important, as we don't want the Sox to have to play NL rules in this year's World Series!)

 Position                               AL                                       NL

1st Base                               Adrian Gonzalez                   Fielder

2nd Base                              Cano                                   Weeks

3rd Base                              Youkilis                                Ramirez

Shortstop                             A. Cabrera                           Tulowitzki

Catcher                               Avila                                    McCann

DH                                       Ortiz

Outfield                      Ellsbury, Quentin, Markakis              Kemp, Victorino, Beltran

Please feel free to agree or disagree in an email or comment.  Tell me who I missed.

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