Wednesday, August 10, 2011


--That's the shortest base hit Ortiz will ever have.

--It was ugly to see, but I would have face-planted going after Ortiz's dribbler, too.  Then again, I'm not in the majors.

--Speaking of which, Dumatrait has not impressed this series.  Former Red Sox property, indeed.

--I looked around my thousands of cards recently, sort of mentally cataloging my stash for my move, when I realized I didn't have a Pujols RC or autograph.  For the hell of it, I googled same, and came upon an ebay auction of Pujols' Upper Deck 2001 RC.  Bidding was at $25.55 with a couple minutes left.  I made my top bid $30 as the totals rose and the seconds decreased.  Last second, someone made a bid of $28.03.  It ended, and I won, at $29.03.  So, yeah, I just spent $29.03 on a Pujols RC, graded 8.5.  Somebody stop me.  I can see where this ebay thing could be addictive.

--Here's where I say that I'm not in favor of the proposed playoff format next year.  Soon baseball will be like hockey and basketball, where almost everyone gets in.  No thanks.

--The Twins are Mauer and Morneau and...Thome, sometimes.  And that's about it.  Great park, though.

--Speaking of Thome, his 600+ homers will be the quietest 600 ever.  Lots of walks for him, too.  He'll be an interesting HOF candidate.  But he's far from automatic.  For those who care, he's second, all-time, in Ks, but also 8th, all-time, in walks.  8th in homers; top-25 in most offensive categories, career.  Stats show that he's probably one of the all-time best offensive players, at least in the top-40, career.  He played on the 96 Cleveland team with Belle, Alomar, Vizquel and Manny, too.  How that team didn't go all the way with those 4 players at the top of the lineup...I know, I know, pitching, pitching, pitching...

--Vizquel will be another interesting candidate.  He should just fall short, but worse players have made it in.

--Won't matter this year, but I'm curious about what games will be like at Target Field in, say, October.  And in April, for that matter.  Cold, is my guess.  But I'll repeat, great looking park.  Its backdrop maybe is the best in baseball.

--Reddick's doing well, but I'm giving him until the end of next year before I buy an autograph.  Unless he pulls a Dave Roberts in this year's playoffs.

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