Sunday, April 3, 2011

Game 3 and Cult Baseball Players

--Let us not dwell on the obvious.  But barring injuries, you can expect to see the Rangers in the playoffs.

--Finishing the book Cult Baseball Players right now, in which different people (John Lithgow; sportswriters; Joe Mantegna, other actors; sons and daughters of ballplayers) all write short articles of players.  Makes me want to write some, which I may do later in this blog.  And someone remind me to tell you about my Jason Bay story.

--Papelbon looked great striking out three consecutive great hitters with the bases loaded--after he gave up a run.

--In the book I'm reading, Roy Campanella II, son of the great Dodger catcher, wrote--shockingly--that Ernest Hemingway always had the Dodgers come to his home in Cuba, but only if they wouldn't bring Campy and Robinson with them.  The Dodgers complied.

--Also surprising is that Campanella II wrote that Casey Stengel was one of the biggest racists in all of MLB.

--Most of the articles are reminisces of lost youth.  The writers remember their adulation of players who they grew up to realize were flawed people with great--or not so great--baseball skills.

--Not surprisingly, the players written about most aren't the Mantles and Mayses, but the Minnie Minoso, the career pinch hitters, the could've beens and the never wases.  And the occasional Mays and Mantle.

--Turns out, while playing sandlot ball, Joe Garagiola outshined Yogi Berra.

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