Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sox/Yanks, Game 3

During Game 3, Sox/Yanks

--ESPN announcers now do a good job.  I was concerned about Bobby Valentine, but he's toned himself down some.  He's okay.

--But I'm not a fan of the K-Zone square.  Shocking, considering the baseball purist I am.

--The Sox are below the Mendoza line with RISP, the lowest in MLB.

--Their team ERA and starters' ERA are also the worst in MLB.  Not a good combination.

--The Rays have already lost today.  And the Mariners have lost 7 straight.

--Sox are 0-2 with RISP tonight at the end of the second inning, to worsen that stat.

--Word has it that Manny's not getting the love from the players.  And that he's okay with his retirement, which I do believe.  I also wouldn't doubt that the substance abused was pot, at least partially.

--Signing Buchholz to a 4-year deal is a good move.  He'll return to form soon.

--Beckett's pitches all have more zip this game than I have seen from him in a long time.  He needs to watch the film of these three innings and keep doing whatever he's doing.

--I'll be at Fenway Friday.  Maybe 7-10 total games this year.  I'll take it.

--Russell Martin looks like a steal so far.

--Big Papi has not been the same without Manny.

--Pedroia is putting on a fielding clinic the last few games.  He's hitting great, too.

--I threw the ball around a little today.  Felt good.  I think I'll start throwing 100 pitches a day again soon, maybe this week, definitely next.  When I finish my Masters, I'll play some games again.

--The Indians aren't this good.  The Rangers and Phillies are.

--The Sox and Rays aren't this bad.  The Mariners are.

--Hershiser does a good job, too.

--The tv ads superimposed over the ballpark ads behind the plate drive me crazy.

--Six hits and a couple of walks in three innings equal one run?  That's why they're losing--and the pitching.

--Go Sox!

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