Saturday, April 9, 2011

Game 7--Sox 9, Yanks 6.

--Hate to say I was right, but I called it: the PawSox won a game before the BoSox did.  And Pawtucket starts its season a week later.

--If you're a situational lefty by definition, and you hit two batters and walk one, when your team is winless out of the gate, and down by a run late in the game, you can expect to be released as Dennys Reyes was.

--The Sox will need a great bullpen this year.  Theirs does have that potential.

--Hard to believe that Manny would fail another drug test.  His abrupt retirement is typical of him, and much easier to understand.  That truly is Manny being Manny.

--His numbers should get him into the Hall, but they won't.  I'm surprisingly okay with that.

--Pedroia leads the team in RBIs.

--Buchholz must pitch better than this.

--It's 5-4 here in the 4th inning of the 2nd game, and this series has made it very clear that the starting rotation of both teams is severely underachieving, to put it nicely.

--The Sox/Rays series coming up will be interesting in the sense that if one of the teams sweeps, the other team will be buried in the cellar.  In April.

--Reyes' release was a $900,000 "Eh, what the hell?"  Almost a million bucks for three appearances over a week of baseball.  It's a shrug of the shoulders.  Not a big deal.  That's just not the real world.

--It's Manny's way or not at all.  Makes you wonder what he knew about his own natural talent, and for how long.

--I was also right about the PawSox's attendance on Opening Night being greater than the attendance at Cleveland's Progressive Field during its second game.  Pawsox: 8,500.  Indians: 6,500.  A minor league team should not outdraw a major league team by 2,000.  Ever.

--The Phillies is one of the few great teams achieving like it's supposed to be.

--Epstein's pep talk is a classy act that you never see anymore.

--Ken Rosenthal makes me want to slap him.  His commentary isn't exactly inspired.

--Joe Buck is one of the better voices and callers in the game.  Tim McCarver has become bearable.

--Joe Morgan wasn't bearable.  Don't miss him.  Jon Miller deserved better.  He was pretty good.

--If ads during games have any bearing on the viewers' intelligence, then the admen think we're dumb.

--You can fry an egg on Youk's intensity.  I'll bet he's like that with everything in life.

--Varitek needs to catch more.  His games have been better pitched.

--Nova won't get the win today, another starting pitcher on both teams not pitching well.  The starting staffs of both teams are sick.

--Cars, trucks, beer, shows and movies.  Razors.  Alcohol.  All I can think of in terms of non-station advertising.  What am I, a Neanderthal?

--Scutaro or Lowrie?  It's a draw.  Lowrie, I guess, until he's sick or injured again.  It's a moot question, as next year's shortstop is at Pawtucket right now, and all three guys know it.

--Sox desperately need all 3 and will settle for 2.  Anything less and it's basically panic-time.

--Goodbye, Manny.  We barely knew ya.  Or, maybe we did after all.

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