Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Game 4--Cleveland 3, Sox 1

--Losing to the Indians is a problem.  The pitching staff looked like hell against the White Sox, which besides their 3-5 hitters, aren't exactly a worry.  Their guy did well tonight, but I didn't see the whole game, so I can't say if he pitched well, or they hit badly.  Or both.  But you can't get your butt kicked against the Rangers, which is bad, but understandable, and then lose to the Indians, which is a very unbalanced team, 3-1.

--So let me say this about all those pickup truck ads during ballgames: The automakers know that 95% of all truckbuyers do not haul large trees, or spin around all the time in the mud, or drive hellbent through the forest, or carry large dirtbikes, off-road vehicles, or large numbers of cinderblocks, or dirty the truck up by splashing in the primordial ooze.  Enough of this male chest-beating and fake bravado.  Silly.

--Only 9,000 and change at Progressive Field tonight.  There'll be more than that at Opening Night at McCoy Stadium Thursday, which, for those who don't know, is the Red Sox Triple-A club.  There'll be about 9,500 people there, maybe more, and I'll be one of them.

--Speaking of that, a shout out to my friend, who's driving me there and back, and going very much out of his way to do so.

--Looks like Dr. Ting was not exactly on the level.  I'd say you heard it here first, but I can't take credit for stating the obvious.

--What are people thinking when they pay $75 a piece for tickets to the Charlie Sheen thing in Detroit?  The word is that he just ranted, mostly unintelligibly, and then his housemates came out on stage, at which point people booed him tremendously, he responded badly, he walked off the stage and the lights came on.  I mean, what were they expecting, exactly?

--You heard it here that the tour gets cancelled before he gets to Foxwoods.

--I didn't think they'd lose 4 in a row all year.

--Dice-K needs to impress.  And win.

--The Pawsox might get a win before the BoSox do--and their season starts a week later.

--I still say that the Rays losing three in a row to the Orioles, at home, is even worse.  The Orioles aren't the best team in the league, and the Sox aren't the worst.  It's still early.

--I know, I keep having to repeat that, too.

--Josh Tomlin 1, Josh Beckett 0.

--The Sox play the Yanks in a few days.  They're not ready, to say the least.

--Watch, they'll sweep the Yanks at Fenway.  That's baseball.

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